Thursday, 25 August 2011

General Arthur St.Clair/Sinclair..Proven Family as the Son of Rev.Daniel Sinclair minister of Longformacus

Arthur StClair..Here is the PROOF of just who his family was, this shows his father Danial ,mother Elizabeth and brother James, with a mention of Arthur.

Draft Disposition and Translation by William Sinclair, merchant in Thurso, to James and Arthur Sinclair, children, and Elizabeth Hamilton, relict of Rev. Daniel Sinclair, of a Heritable Bond on the lands of Thurdestoft [Thurdistoft] (contained in GD69/107) in security for GD69/106.

GD69/171 Letter from Mrs. Elizabeth Sinclair, dated Aug. 1757 and two letters from Arthur St. Clair (on service in North America) dated 20 Mar. 1757 and 26 May 1758 concerning credit given to him by James Balfour of Pilrig. 1757-1758

GD69/163 Contract of Marriage between Mr. Daniel Sinclair, minister at Longformacus, and Elizabeth Hamilton, daughter of deceased Robert Hamilton of Airdrie. 5/2/1729

GD69/112 Assignation by James Sinclair, eldest son of deceased Rev. Daniel Sinclair, to Elizabeth Hamilton, his mother, of his rights in GD69/106. 6/5/1745
This site has a biography and picture of General Arthur St. Clair in the American Revolution